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Lawsuits happen… a lot! There are many things you can, and should, do to protect your business against the financial threat of a lawsuit. One of the most critical steps you should take, is purchasing an adequate General Liability insurance policy.

General liability insurance can prevent a lawsuit from turning into a financial disaster. Liability insurance helps protect the general assets of your business in the event of a loss involving property damage or bodily injury to a third party as a result of actions or negligence of one of your employees.

Howe Insurance will work with you to understand the risks associated with your business and ensure that your General Liability policy protects your business. General liability insurance policies often include the following:

  • Coverage for accidents that happen on the premises of your business
  • Payments related to injuries and damages that are because of products sold or services performed by the business
  • Expenses related to a claim or defense of a liability suit


To inquire about purchasing General Liability insurance, or to review your current policy, contact us now.

workers compensation

As a business owner, you are required to have Massachusetts and New Hampshire workers compensation insurance in order to comply with state and federal regulations. In addition, it is sound business practice to have a system in place that helps injured employees return to work quickly with little or no loss in income and protect you from a potentially disastrous financial burden. But that doesn’t mean that just any policy will do.

Designing the right policy for your business is what our employees are trained to do. Through a careful evaluation of your business operations, Howe Insurance will ensure that your business and employees are adequately protected.

Contact us now to learn more about our Massachusetts and New Hampshire workers compensation packages.

Whether your business relies on a fleet of company owned vehicles, or just a few employees use their personal car for business travel, your business needs a Commercial Automobile Policy (also called “Business Auto”). Your business can not afford the potentially astronomical costs associated with property damage or bodily injury that could result from an auto accident involving one of your employees or company-owned vehicles.

Because the level of risk varies with each unique business model, you need Howe Insurance to help you understand your options and make sure your businesses is protected. Let Howe Insurance help you make an informed decision by answering your questions and reviewing your auto exposure.

Contact us now to learn more about our Massachusetts and New Hampshire Auto & Motor Fleet packages.

You head to work in the morning, like any other day. You drive down the road, turn onto the street where your business is located, and you see fire trucks. In front of your building. Smoke coming out of the windows. Your windows. Are you covered?

Property insurance is necessary for every business. Fires ignite. Trees fall. People steal. For these events, and others, you need to have Property Insurance to protect your building, its contents, inventory and equipment.

Of course, each business has different levels of risk for property insurance. The threats differ, and the property and building contents differ. You need to make sure that your property insurance policy is adequate to protect your assets.

Call Howe to talk with one of our knowledgeable staff about your Property Insurance policy.

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