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Home ownership is the American dream. Once you’ve achieved that dream, you need to protect it – that is what home owners insurance is all about. Just as every home is different from the one next to it, filled with items of personal significance and history, the homeowners insurance policy you need should be individualized and tailored.

A homeowners policy provides more than just coverage for damage at your residence. It can provide for financial losses due to a fire, theft or storms, but it also protects you if you are legally liable for someone else’s injury like a slip and fall or a dog bite on your property.

It is important to discuss coverage with a real person. Our goal at Howe Insurance is to build a trusting relationship with you, to understand your home and your needs, and to construct a homeowners insurance policy that makes sure you are adequately covered.

In addition, Howe Insurance can help you understand enhanced coverage and the greater value of combining a Home and Auto insurance policy with the same company.

Contact a representative from Howe Insurance to discuss your insurance needs and start building a relationship you can trust.

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