Are you looking for an agent that can save you time and money on your insurance? Look no further! As an independent insurance agent, we are what you need. We are knowledgeable and versatile.

Best of all we have options, and these options give you options and can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in premiums.  As an independent insurance agent, we can tailor each policy to your specific needs and price range. We can do this because we work with dozens of insurance companies. With these carriers, we can give you more options to choose from in all different price ranges.

We know the complexities of the insurance market and are knowledgeable about the laws that could apply to each policy type. This is invaluable knowledge when it comes to writing your insurance policy.

How an Independent Insurance Agent Saves You Time

No one likes to waste valuable time trying to find the best deal on insurance to fit their budget. That’s the beauty of an independent insurance agent; we do all the work for you. Most independent agents are alerted when your policy has an increase of 10% or more. While it is normal for rates to fluctuate up and down over time, a 10% increase is when we typically start shopping with our other carriers.

How an Independent Agent Saves You Money

You know how we can save you time, and in the same way, we can also save you money. Since we have access to several different insurance carriers, we can find pricing to fit your budget.

Where there are more options, there are better rates, and that gives you a lot of flexibility. Most of the time, the lower premiums don’t mean less coverage. It just means we know where to look.

You don’t have to sacrifice coverage for better rates and shouldn’t have to. With an independent agent, that’s the least of your worries.

Source:  Candace Jenkins | June 23, 2020